web sites i maintain...

Phoenix Electroplating Ltd
My Company, Hard Chrome and Nickel deposition engineers.

History of Astronomy
A site devoted to information about historical figures in astronomy that could not be found else where on the internet.

Audio Recording Live
I make high quality audio recordings of astronomy lectures for a number of societies and also music recordings such as Classical, Brass, Jazz, Choral and Wildlife.

web sites i no longer maintain...

400 Years of Astronomy on Merseyside

Campaign for Dark Skies. (CfDS)
A web site for those who are concerned about light pollution. What is being done to combat it, and what you can do to help.

Manchester Astronomical Society
These pages hold a wealth of information, not only about the Society but also many photographs taken by members, projects, and observing advice. The site is now maintained by Geoff Pilkington. Simply the Best Astro Society :-)

National Astronomy Week 1996
21 - 28 Sepember 96. was a celebration of astronomy, organised by a committee of amateur and professional astronomers. It does not take place regularly, but is timed to mark astronomically significant events. The theme for NAW '96 was the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the planet Neptune.

North West Group of Astronomical Societies
was formed in October 1993 to strengthen communication between astronomical societies in the north-west and to identify ways in which expertise within the local societies could be shared.

William Lassell
1799 - 1880. Discovered Triton a satellite of Neptune, plus other discoveries including Ariel & Umbriel Moons of Uranus. Also famous for his 24-inch telescope.

Prestwich Music Club
This club closed just after it to celebrated it's 60th year of providing first class musical performances. It provided a platform for very talented young musicians.

Royal Astronomical Society. (RAS)
Founded in 1820. The Society's aims are "the encouragement and promotion of astronomy and geophysics." The main functions are to publish the results of astronomical and geophysical research, to maintain as complete a library as possible in these subjects and to hold meetings, in London and elsewhere, at which astronomical and geophysical matters can be discussed.

Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA)
Starstruck? then the SPA is for you! All the fun of astronomy at a price you can afford!

Star Watch UK
is a project to observe and record the brightness of the sky from all parts of the UK. It is an opportunity for everyone, experienced astronomer or the youngest school child, to take part in a nationwide survey.

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