Version 2.0 of the CD-ROM is now on sale.

This extremely rare atlas with it's elaborately illustrated plates can be yours ! The whole atlas has been reproduced and put on to CD-ROM. Not only are all the charts and plates on the CD-ROM, but there is also a wealth of information about the atlas, John Bevis, how it was produced and why it was never published. The CD-ROM also includes a number of articles:

A separate image folder has all the plates in Windows BMP format, and a small selection of very high resolution images in JPG format. More information about the atlas

The CD-ROM works with all versions of Windows to the latest XP and Vista, it also works on the Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX, in fact any operating system that can run Adobe Acrobat Reader. See the Adobe web site for Readers for these and other platforms).

Note: The Adobe Acrobat format was chosen for this Atlas so that it could be used on as many platforms as possible. If you can get a reader for your platform, then the Atlas should work.

The pages are viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. For all versions of Windows, the Mac and any other operating system that can run Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is no Acrobat reader on the disk, instead please download the appropriate version for your computer from here. The separate image folder remains on the CD-ROM.

Some of the articles may be printed out if you wish. The navigation buttons and the print button will not show on the printed version. (This only applies to the articles)

"The Bevis atlas is one of the most beautiful star atlases ever produced, but unfortunately very rare. Manchester Astronomical Society are to be congratulated on uncovering this valuable example and making it available to the public on this CD-ROM."

Ian Ridpath
author, Star Tales

"In spite of the fact that there are many modern atlases (I made a few as well), these classical ones keep fascinating me. But most of them are hard to obtain or not at all. I think it is great that we now have the possibility to look at such atlases on our own computer screen, thanks to Michael Oates initiative to place the beautiful 'Uranographia Britannica' on a CD-Rom.

The digital version of 'Uranographia Britannica', by John Bevis is produced well. The quality of the scans is very good and it is easy to go from one page to another. The only thing you need is Acrobat Reader, but this program is also on the CD Rom and is easy to install. There are also several maps (actually parts of maps) in high resolution, revealing the real beauty of the engravings. The CD-ROM is a joy to look at and I really hope more of the old star charts and atlases will be made available this way!"

Wil Tirion
author, Sky Atlas 2000.0 & many others.

The current version is v2.0 priced at £12.00 (£13.99 inc p&p UK) (£15.49 for orders outside the U.K inc p&p). (For orders outside the UK please send an International Money Order / cheque in British currency.) Or order on-line, and pay by credit card for $30 (includes worldwide shipping by airmail)

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As featured on the Cover Disk of the March 2007 issue of The Sky at Night Magazine.

It had also featured in the Software Showcase of the September issue of Sky & Telescope, a Review (New Products, p67) in the December 1998 issue of Astronomy Now. And in a four page article "The Ghost Book of Manchester" in the November issue of Sky & Telescope magazine.

A quote from the Astronomy Now review by Neil Bone: "...this CD ROM is an excellent package, and can be recommended aspecially to those with a liking for historical star charts. Manchester AS have done the astronomical community a considerable service in making the Uranographia Britannica more widely known and accessible."

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