1994 February 21st
8" Schmidt - Cass x 270
22:10 - 22:50 UT
Seeing: II
Transp: V.Good
Suns Col: 43.47 - 43.81 deg


The region was noted for study particularly for the dome to the west of Kepler. Although features related to Kepler itself are worthy of note. The inner west wall shows marked terracing, with, on this particular evening a bright outcrop to the N/W edge. The Northern "tip" of the crater shows evidence of deformation, possibly associated with the "faults" running northwards.

The Dome to the north of the smaller crater Kepler 'F' was quite small and gave the impression it had a rather flattened summit.

The structure to the north of Kepler is not shown as a dome on the same atlas as the one to the west, although it did give the appearance of a dome structure (possibly a rounded hill). A very strong suggestion of a summit craterlet was given during moments of good seeing. The eastern edge of the structure was markedly brighter than the rest. Darker areas were noted on the western slope.

Nigel Longshaw

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