Dome to the West of Milichius

1994 March 22nd
8" Schmidt - Cass x 200
20:30 - 20:45 UT
Seeing: III
Transp: Average to poor (variable high cloud)
Suns Mean Col: 35.73 - 35.85 deg


The Summit craterlet of Milichius Pi was not observed due to rather poor conditions.

A conspicuous "dark" peak was noted to the N/West of Milichius A

Conditions were rather poor for the observation of such low contrast features. This dome is designated Milichius Pi in Rukl's atlas and was v.prominent even under these conditions. The depth of shadow on the western slope suggests quite a steep angle for this type of feature, being as it was some distance from the terminator.

Nigel Longshaw

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