1994 November 20th
8" Schmidt - Cass x 225
22:12 - 22:58 UT
Seeing: III - IV
Transp: Good (on clearance of cloud)
Suns Col: 121.99 deg - 122.37 deg
Lat: 0.40 (0hrs 21st)
Lunation: 889


Interest in the region was generated by the reported rille (by L.F.Ball in the 1930's) running from the southern tip of Biot, eastwards towards the crater Wrottesley.

On this particular evening no rille was seen (poss. due to rather poor conditions) but what was observed has been reported by others, namely the appearance of a "slope" from the rille's reported course downwards to the north. This effect was rather subtle, probably enhanced by the alignment of craterlets and other features along the top edge of the slope.

A very interesting region, being very difficult to depict with any realism.

Nigel Longshaw

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