Domes S.W. of Lansberg

1995 November 2nd
8" Schmidt - Cass x 160 & x 225
19:59 - 20:48 UT
Seeing: III (some brief moments of II)
Transp: Good although scattered cloud
Suns Col: 31.57 deg - 32.00 deg
Lat: 0.40 (0hrs 3rd)
Lunation: 901


Good illumination to study these domes which have received attention of late by various Lunar observers. Three domes v. different in appearance. The most Northerly of the trio being somewhat "classical" in appearance. The larger to the South seeming somewhat "flattened" with a brighter Eastern "lip". The smallest most Southerly dome being rather dark with a very marked "caldera" showing internal shadow and a pronounced bright W. rim. The small crater E of 'F' was quite difficult.
Nigel Longshaw