The Liebig - de Gasparis Rille System

1995 November 4th
8" Schmidt - Cass x 225
22:25 - 23:07 UT
Seeing: II - III by close
Transp: V.Good
Suns Col: 57.09 deg - 57.39 deg
Lat: 0.47 (0hrs 5th)
Lunation: 901


Seeing conditions very good at start, but by close had deteriorated. Much detail visible in this very complex region. Floor of de Gasparis seemed to have a very subtle "lighter" hue and v. little rille detail was visible on the floor. Rilles from Liebig most obvious with Northern one a little more diffuse than the Southern. The N.W. rille from de Gasparis seemed to traverse a "rutted" surface. The terrain to the S.E. was quite "smooth" with little detail visible, in contrast to the N.W. region which was very complex.
Nigel Longshaw