Steinheil & Watt


1994 September 22nd 21:45 - 22:25 UT
8" Schmidt-Cass x 225
Seeing: III - II
Transp: Average / Good
Suns Col: 122.95 deg - 123.29 deg
Suns Lat: -1.14 (0hrs 23rd)


A very Interesting crater pair, Watt being the older overlapped by the E. wall of Steinheil. Craters contrasted well, Watt showing many ridges and peaks on it's floor and terracing on the E. wall, while Steinheil showed a relatively smooth floor with V. bright E. wall (showing a hint of terracing / brighter areas during moments of good seeing). The area to the south of the two craters has some interesting features mainly in the form of ridges and crater chains. The main craterlets visible are shown but many more "popped" into view during moments of good seeing.

Nigel Longshaw

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