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Pluto by Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw. (JPEG 48k)

Taken with a 20inch f4.5 telescope at the COAA. Portugal.
Two image taken 4 days apart shows how much Pluto has moved. The first image taken at 21.50 UT on Sat 7th June 1997 and the second at 22.30 UT on Wed 11th June 1997.


Gegenschein in Virgo by Colin Henshaw. (JPEG 43k)

Taken with a 28mm lens, f2.8 on Agfa 1000RS
1993 April 18th 23:36 - 23:48 observered from Maunatlala in Botswana.

Aurora (Corona)

Aurora (Corona) by Colin Harrison. (JPEG 29k)

Taken with a 50mm lens, 20 sec exposure on Scotch 1000
1991 Nov 8th 8pm from Wincle near Macclesfield Cheshire.

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