A Quartz Controlled Scotch Mount

by Ray Grover

More details about the motor and driver IC

Parts list

    Description                   Maplin   Quantity
    CMOS 4060B divider/oscillator QW40T           1
    CMOS 4024B 7 stage divider    QX13P           1
    SAA1027 Stepper motor control QY76H           1
    IC sockets
    16 pin                        BL19V           2
    14 pin                        BL18U           1
    Resistors 0.6 watt
    100 ohm                       M100R           1
    220 ohm  (1 watt)             C220R           1
    2k2 ohm                       M2K2            1
    3k3 ohm                       M3K3            1
    100k ohm                      M100K           1
    330k ohm                      M330K           1
    100nF 50v decoupling          BX03D           3
    100uF 16v electrolytic        RA55K           1
    47pF                          RA35Q           1
    100pF                         RA36P           1
    1N4004                        QL76H           1
    Small red LED                 WL32K           1
    clip for LED                  YY39N           1
    DPDT toggle                   FH04E           1
    SPDT toggle                   FH00A           1
    Push to break button          FH60Q           1
    DC connectors
    2.5mm ID socket               JK10L           1
    2.5mm ID connector            HH625           1
    Quartz crystal
    4.194304 Mhz crystal          FY87U           1
    Box, small piece of matrix board, wire etc

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