Edge Effects - How to remove

Original image with unwanted edge effects, by Roland Rashleigh-Berry

Same image after my fix described below

How is it done ?

I found out almost by accident how to do this. First take your original. Crop and resize as required. Then in PhotoShop, make a duplicate layer. Make the transparency of this top layer 50%, then do a Gaussian blur with a radius of 1 to 3 (only on the top layer) The example above was a radius of 2. Now flatten the image and save as a high quality .jpg.

This treatment works very well for this subject. But it can also work for other subjects as well. The effect it gives depending on the Gaussian radii, is a softening (dreamy look) to the image, yet it still retains most of the sharpness. The effect is rather similar to using petrolium jelly smered on a filter with convensional photography. It should work very well for female portraits. Have a go, it can make a big difference to the image. Try various Gaussian radii settings from 1 to 3

I think that the latest version of Paint Shop Pro can also work with layers like this, but I have not tried it.

See my Mavica page

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