You will note that quite a number of the links no longer work. I have removed the links but kept the names there (coloured blue). I have neglected this Quake page for some time, and was rather upset to see that most of the links no longer worked. It was more than that, because the links don't work means that the web sites no longer exist and that all those clans and players web sites have disapeared for ever. If, as a visitor to this site know of new urls for any of the missing links below, please let me know.
Quake 3 Arena

Retro Quake
The X my clan.
Online Gaming at U-NET AlchemyZone
Fusion 99
Quake Nation Clan news for the United Kingdom
UK Quake Council (UKQC)
UK Quake Clan League (UKCL)
The Modemers' Clan War (MCW)
UK Deathmatch League (UKDML)
UK Quad FragFest League (UKQFFL)
Cheapo - A freeware QuakeWorld 2.1-2.3 proxy
Skeeve's QuakeII DM reviews
The Deathmatch Pineapple (DMP) Quake map reviews
QuakeWorld Central "The Official Home of Quakeworld"
The Quake Lords
Sujoy's Quake Page
Bigfoots Quake Page
Methos Quake Page
UK Clan page
Blue's News
Quake Stomping Grounds
Redwood's Quake Page
On line Games Service : Launch game page
DC - Demonic Core Clan
The 3D Action Gamers' Archive
GameSpy Homepage
Shugga Shack (sCary)
ID software
Shake N' Quake web site
JUMBO Quake Files and Current Quake Servers
Aardappel Quake Maps
Qizmo (QuakeWorld proxy)
Other Games Sites
UK Gamer
Map Editing etc.

Worldcraft, Quake MAP editor
The Forge The Worldcraft Editing site
QMAP The level design forum
Building Blocks for Quake
Quake Editors Reference Guide
Quake Map Validator
Beginner's Guide To Textures
Rorshach (The King of Skins)
Maps by Biggus
Quake1 Prefab Park
Absolute Quake
AdQuedit: The Quake Workstation
Qoole Quake Object Oriented Level Editor
Quake Graphics Tips
The Most Unofficial Quake Technical Specification.
Quake MAP Specs in Theory and Practice
Explanations and fixes to common editing problems.


Halflife Editing Resource Center
Halflife Source .Com
Wavelength - your source for Halflife editing
Half Life Editing & WorldCraft 2.0
Half Life Decal Repository
Half-Life Prefabs
Half-Life Test Center
The 3D Map Realm half-life
Half-Life Gurus
The RADIOACTIVE Half-Life Map Archive
Half-Life @ WON
Creating Textures and Texture WADs for Half-Life
The Texture Studio
Making a texture, from Top to Bottom
GenSurf Quake2 map surface generator

The Official UNREAL Home Page, News
Unreal Nation
Totally Unreal
Unreal Kingdom
Unreal Technical Information page
Dr. SiN's UnrealED tutorials
Unreal Level Design
Shamblers Prefab Place
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